Adventure Motorcycle Tour Amenities

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Just fly in with your protective gear and we handle the rest! Edge of Adventure LLC motorcycle tours are all-inclusive. Every tour includes:

Airport pickup and dropoff from either:
San Diego airport
Phoenix airport
Rental adventure motorcycles (BMW 1250GS Rallye, 1200GS, 650GS)
A blend of scenic backroads and dirt/gravel roads according to group preference
Hotel/Airbnb/campsite bookings according to group preference
Freshly cooked breakfasts and dinners by an enthusiastic camp chef, OR meals at local restaurants paid for you
Bluetooth communication devices
Luggage shuttle service between hotels and campgrounds
Motorcycle luggage to keep supplies with you, if desired
Trailside maintenance service and backup bike for an uninterrupted trip
Camping equipment, if desired
Tourist attraction fees (National Park admission/hot spring admission/ghost town admission, etc)
Garmin Inreach satellite device for emergency communication
Swag (baseball caps, t-shirts, stickers, water bottles)

Adventure Motorcycle Tour Amenities

Tent and campfire at a campground in the southern California mountains. Camping

Cooking breakfast burritos on a camp stove in the Alabama Hills, looking at the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Nevada

Chase truck carrying luggage, camping supplies, tools, and food to supply the motorcycle tour group at camp in the evening